Salads & Starters

Grilled eggplant 42
Parsley, tomatoes, onion, tahini, yogurt & rub syrup

Chicken liver pate' and jam
Almonds and coriander seeds

Sea fish ceviche and sweet dates
On labane cheese, chickpeas, onion, oregano & chilli

Fish tartar, eggplant and sour cream
Onion, parsley & chilli

Beef tartar, pickled lemon & mustard aioli
Capers, coriander, chilli peppers & soft boiled egg

Calamari Tzatziki, green beens and fennel
Potatoes, cherry tomatoes, garlic & lemon

Market style Carpaccio & parmesan
Red onion, cappers & mix herbs

Indian onion 39
Filled with chicken basil & curry tahini, deep fried in tampura

Our bread and homemade dips
Daily homemade dips

Lets Share...

La-shuk salad 52
Colorful peppers, mixed nuts, buffalo muzzarella & vegetables

Tomato and artichoke salad
Almonds, cappers, red onion, feta cheese & mix herbs

Shrimps tabouli salad
Burgul salad, feta cheese, & tomato vinaigrette

Cauliflower with tahini 42
Boiled egg, shifka pepper, garlic,lemon & parsley on a Lafa

Cheese & spinach risotto 68
Buche, tom & smoked cheese with spring onions

 Lamb "Siniyeh" with a Lafa 62
Baked with tahini, almonds, arisa pickled lemon & tomatoes

Veggie / Shrimps polenta
49 / 62
With asparagus and parmesan cheese

it isn't my lady

Seafood Meorav  76
Bonfired onion, chickpeas, pickled lemon,arisa, parsley & tahini

Mosahen & yogurt  69
Chicken confit, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, red onions on a lafa

Mullet on eggplant  78
Labane cheese, coriander, tapenade & spicy tomatoes

Black linguini with seafood  84
Calamari, shrimps, sage butter,confit garlic & white wine

Black risotto with shrimps  85
pickled lemon, pistachios & micro coriander

Vegetarian pappardelle  68
Artichoke, basil, cherry, onion, cream & white wine

Kebab La Shuk style  72
Potatoes, cherry tomatoes, bonfired onions & tahini

Whole seabream from the daily catch  96
Grilled with baked potatoes, confit garlic & tomatoes

Shrimps with artichoke  79
Basil, cherry tomatoes, onion & white wine

Oxtail Pappardelle and spinach  82
Root vegetables, shimeji mushrooms & ginger

Drum fish fillet on Cauliflower cream  112
Artichoke, tomatoes, bonfired onionsgarlic confit & fresh oregano

Butchers cut Onglet  106 
Bonfired onion, truffle tapenade mashed potatoes,garlic confit & beef stock

*ask for children dishes


Homemade Malabi 35
Sweet cream, kadaif and candied nuts

Cheese Cake 35
Baked cheese, berries coulis and cashew nuts

Childhood Biscuits Cake
Vanilla cream and chocolate on top

Hot chocolate cake
melted on Crème fraiche

Kadaif A La Jaffa 37
Crispy with almonds, raisins, vanilla, thyme and sour cream

Pierre ferrand cognac, Grappa di amarone, Port warre's, Limoncello

Hot drinks
Cappuccino, Americano, Espresso,Black coffee with cardamon, Mint tea / Louisa