Lunch menu



Spinach and 'challa' benedict 49
poached eggs, spinach, bulgarian cheese, yogurt, preserved lemon on a roasted 'challa

Israeli breakfast 49
Two eggs to choose, veggie salad.beetroot, 'Feta' cheese, shifka,tabouli, bread dips
Breakfast served with hot beverage

Couples Breakfast 94
Four eggs to choose, veggie salad, beetroot, 'Feta' cheese, shifka, tabouli, bread dips
Breakfast served with hot beverage

Salmon and poached egg bruschetta 51
Mustard aioli, red onion, capers

Early noon pizza 56
Buffalo mozzarella, black tiger shrimps, parmesan, tomatoes, tapenade, egg yoke

Shakshuka 47
Two eggs , eggplants, feta cheese,tomatos, chilli, peppers, garlic,served with bread

French toast 39
Sweet toast, homemade confiture, sour cream